About Us

The Global Center on Cooperative Security is an international nongovernmental organization that advances human rightscentered responses to political violence, violent extremism, and injustice worldwide. We believe cooperation among community groups, governments, and international organizations such as the United Nations is critical to achieving a just and secure world.

For over 20 years, the Global Center has worked to support communities affected by political violence, reform institutions, foster partnerships, and shape domestic and international security policies that protect human rights and civil liberties. Our diverse team of international experts have earned the trust of civil society groups, governments, international organizations, and private sector stakeholders alike.

Since 2004, we have implemented more than $60 million in grant funding across 300 programs in more than 60 countries, working with governments, international organizations, the private sector, and community groups.

The Global Center:

● Works to achieve lasting security by addressing the root causes, grievances, and fragile social and economic systems that give rise to violent extremism.

● Designs and implements programming to uphold and protect human rights within global security policy and practice.

● Strives to ensure the participation and representation of impacted communities in justice and security policymaking at all levels.

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