Countering Violent Extremism

Resilient communities are best placed to address the underlying drivers of violent extremism.

Governments cannot tackle violent extremism alone. The Global Center believes that a more just and secure world is only possible when civil society works alongside governments, multilateral institutions, and corporations. Civil society organizations are often best positioned to identify the drivers of violent extremism and know what will work in their communities. Yet, community groups and civic leaders frequently face funding challenges, lack access to decision-makers, and operate in restricted and dangerous spaces.

We create opportunities for civil society organizations to have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation, equipped with the tools and networks needed to play their part in building safe and resilient communities.

Our Work

The Global Center works with our partners around the world to build more resilient communities and address the root causes of violent extremism.

  • We conduct in-depth analyses of national and multilateral policies and programs to counter violent extremism and assess their potential negative impacts.
  • We provide flexible grant funding to community groups to address violent extremism locally.
  • We create opportunities for these diverse groups and individuals to build relationships and share experiences and good practices.
  • We deliver training and capacity development support to civil society organizations so that they are better equipped to address violent extremism.


Our Partners

The Global Center works with community organizations, international bodies, and national governments to promote effective, community-driven responses to violent extremism

  • We support the Strong Cities Network expansion into Asia and Africa, to bring cities and local municipalities to the center of efforts to address violent extremism.
  • We helped to established a Civil Society Hub in East Africa, a secure platform that enables hundreds of members to share their experiences and offers a safe mechanism for them to contribute to policy change.
  • We work with a vast network of local civil society partners, including several of the quoted individuals and organizations.

Phyllis Muema, Executive Director of the Kenya Community Support Centre and Global Center Senior Fellow

“As a social development expert and peace-builder working with at-risk populations in the Coast and Northern regions of Kenya, I was happy to partner with the Global Center to provide capacity development assistance to over 600 Kenyan youth leaders to promote community resilience against violent extremism.”

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