The Global Center designs and delivers tailored trainings for civil society organizations, government officials, and the private sector.

Our specialized trainings and technical assistance equip our partners with the tools and knowledge necessary to address issues of terrorism and violent extremism in a manner that respects international human rights norms and standards.

Our Method

We train financial institutions, businesses, and other private sector actors to advance transparent and accountable finance and governance systems. We lead workshops on aviation security for enforcement agencies on topics like watchlisting, insider threat risks, and cargo security best practices. We have pioneered a unique anti-torture training program to provide criminal investigators with non-coercive alternatives to torture.

We rely heavily on train-the-trainer and other peer-to-peer models to foster the confidence of participants to share their learning with others, helping ensure the sustainability of these programs after our involvement formally ends.

Strengthening Ethiopia’s Capacity to Counter Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows

In 2018, the Global Center marked its sixth year of partnership with the Ethiopian Financial Intelligence Center, Federal Attorney General, and other stakeholders under two phases of technical assistance programming supported by the government of Denmark. Through a vast training series, the Global Center supported Ethiopia in these efforts to strengthening its anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism regime.

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