Corporate Partnerships

Collaboration is at the core of the Global Center’s work. We establish tailored partnerships with corporate sector allies who share our vision for a just and secure world.

From multinational corporations to local enterprises, we champion synergy across sectors, mobilizing resources, expertise, innovation, and ideas. By bringing together our government, private sector, and civil society partners, we drive bold solutions in the service of human rights, equity, and accountability.


We provide insight, analysis, and policy recommendations so our corporate partners can hear directly from Global Center staff and Senior Fellows on pressing issues and emergent research. We draw from our expansive regional representation and substantive expertise spanning conflict prevention, development, governance and justice, and financial inclusion.


Our partners join a vibrant network of practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and investors advancing nonviolent solutions that address inequality and instability around the world. We provide our partners a “seat at the table” among our collaborators spanning multilateral institutions, national and regional decision makers, and civil society.


Our partners are prominently acknowledged on the Global Center’s website, annual report, and at physical and virtual events. We welcome the opportunity to co-host and co-brand events, trainings, and campaigns, and for our partners to see our work in action.


We care deeply about the people we work with and those that are impacted by our programming, and we strive to adhere to do-no-harm principles and promote human rights in all of our work. We do not take on projects that have the effect of marginalizing, sensationalizing, or stereotyping. We seek these values in our partners.


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, are a blueprint to build peace and prosperity for humans and the planet by 2030.

The SDGs represent an urgent call for action to governments, the private sector, advocates, and implementers around the world—providing a platform for unparalleled collaboration across stakeholders towards shared goals. Partnering with the Global Center yields opportunities to harness the potential offered by the SDG agenda in pursuit of a more peaceful, prosperous future for all.


We are grateful for the partnerships we have built with the companies below, among others. We welcome you to join us in shaping a just and secure world.

M&C Saatchi
“Having witnessed the Global Center’s programming in the regions where it operates, what stands out are its integrity and expertise. The Global Center builds real trust and partnerships, which it leverages to improve human security in tangible ways. We are proud to support them.”

Baker McKenzie
“Baker McKenzie has been proud to partner with the Global Center for the past six years in pursuit of a shared commitment to enhanced human security and human rights. We are strong believers in diverse partnerships, as they hold the greatest promise for real change. In addition to our pro bono support, we provide flexible funding for the Global Center to invest where it matters most and the impact is greatest.”

“PwC, as a community of solvers, values collaboration and a culture of innovation which we experience with the Global Center. Our pro bono efforts with the Global Center enable their ability to accelerate and magnify their impact to help solve complex security problems. Global Center staff care deeply about building a more just and secure global community, and we are proud to contribute to their mission.”

H3M Analytics
“At H3M, we believe that our role in anti-money laundering goes beyond software solutions. We’re excited to announce a new chapter in our journey — a commitment to donate to front-line NGOs combating predicate offenses such as the Global Center.”

Header photo credit: UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré