Strategy 2024–2026

For over 20 years, the Global Center has worked to support communities affected by political violence, reform institutions, foster partnerships, and shape domestic and international security policies that protect human rights and civil liberties. We believe that a just and secure world can be achieved only through policies and programs that protect human rights, consider broader human security and conflict dynamics, and leverage cooperative and strategic partnerships. For this reason, We will continue to evolve and adapt our approaches to justice and security, taking account of the ways in which shifting global geopolitics, the climate crisis, new technologies, and rising interstate and intercommunal conflict interact with political violence and violent extremism.

Our Strategy 2024-2026 has three goals:

Continue to advance human rights–centered approaches to countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism

Two decades after our founding, the Global Center’s core mission remains as important as ever. In the next three years, we will double down on our efforts to promote human rights–based approaches to countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism through our four interlinked areas of expertise:

Our Criminal Justice and Rule of Law work promotes accountable, accessible criminal justice systems that uphold human rights and the rule of law.

Our Financial Integrity and Inclusion work advances transparent, equitable financial systems to combat illicit financial flows.

Our Multilateral Security Policy work helps shape globally informed, locally grounded international security policy.

Our Civic Space work invests in empowered, inclusive communities and supports civil society engagement on peace and security agendas.

Use our knowledge, networks, and proven methodologies to bring solutions to adjacent policy and program fields that impact on security, such as transitional justice, peace-building, sustainable development, and broader political violence prevention

Violent extremism is often the product of local conditions of injustice and inequality that fuel cycles of violence and insecurity. The Global Center has spent years drawing from good practices in political violence prevention, peace-building, and justice and security sector reform programming to optimize our work and is well placed to use our knowledge, networks, and methodologies to bring solutions to these adjacent policy and program areas. We believe in doing so, our contribution will be a force multiplier, offering more joined-up solutions to complex security problems. We will grow this work over the course of the next three years.

Prioritize civil society partnerships across all aspects of our work and increase our support for civil society–led initiatives at national, regional, and international levels

The Global Center promotes the meaningful engagement of civil society actors, including women and youth, as critical partners in fostering peaceful, resilient communities to achieve a just and secure world. Security policies and practices are only effective when those developing and implementing them are accountable to the communities they impact. But the reality is that civil society organizations and community leaders are often not included in decision-making processes and face an ever more restricted civic space and regulatory environment. Over the next three years, the Global Center will continue to prioritize civil society engagement and increase our support for civil society–led initiatives at the international level, alongside our established civil society partnerships at regional and national levels.