Case for Support

The Global Center works to achieve lasting security by advancing inclusive, human rights–based policies, partnerships, and practices that address the primary drivers of violent extremism.


The Challenge

Terrorism continues to be a clear and present threat. Terrorism does not just lead to violence that dominates headlines; it structurally affects the lives of ordinary people and their communities and inhibits social and economic development.

Over the last 20 years, the threat of terrorism has become more complex and diverse, making it more difficult to tackle – so responses need to get smarter. Terrorist organizations have spawned global networks of affiliates that capitalize on local divisions, weak governance, and systemic inequality. Hate and polarization have enabled the reemergence of violent right-wing extremists. And new technologies have increased the reach and deadly impact of terrorist operations.

Traditional approaches to preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism have failed to protect human rights or promote justice and security. This lack of focus on human rights has had a catastrophic impact: it has fueled a cycle of violence, wasted money and enabled corruption, and harmed communities. To effectively respond to terrorism, communities need a more comprehensive approach that prioritizes justice and human rights and recognizes how and why drivers of terrorism and violent extremism foment conflict and instability.


Solution by the Global Center

The Global Center strengthens the ability of governments, local leaders, and civil society organizations to advance a just and secure world. We do this by promoting a human rights-based approach to security and partnering with those most affected by terrorism and violent extremism across Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

For over 20 years, the Global Center has worked to build community resilience, reform institutions, mobilize partners, and shape domestic and international security policies. In 2022 alone, we directly engaged over 21,300 stakeholders in a wide range of training activities, policy discussions, and strategic consultations to better prevent violent extremism and counter terrorism in their societies.

Our diverse team of international experts delivers solutions, together with our local partners and where they are most needed. Two decades of impactful work have shaped the Global Center’s strong reputation and helped it earn the trust of community organizations, governments, international institutions, and private sector stakeholders.

We drive change in four inter-related areas:

  1. Promote the rule of law in criminal justice responses to conflict and violent extremism: We partner with law enforcement, judges, prison and probation services, psychologists, and social workers in over 50 countries to protect human rights in the handling of terrorism cases. We support rehabilitation and reintegration processes to promote lasting peace.
  2. Combat illicit finance that supports terrorism: We help create systems to detect, disrupt, and dismantle terrorist financial networks and financing. We collaborate with financial institutions and the business community to promote transparent and accountable financial systems that ensure stable business and investment environments free of illicit activity.
  3. Support communities in addressing the drivers of conflict and violent extremism: We work directly with local communities to improve security and resilience to terrorism. We provide funding to local organizations to deliver solutions to violence and instability, including grassroot women organizations, youth networks, and human rights groups.
  4. Work with governments and regional and international organizations to promote more effective policies to address conflict and violent extremism: We partner with key stakeholders like the United Nations to foster transparent debate, shape policy, and improve multilateral security.


How to support the Global Center?

We need your support to make a lasting difference to vulnerable communities in the world’s most volatile regions. Your gift to the Global Center is an investment in human security, human rights, and justice for all.

Your support for the Global Center will enable us to strengthen peace and security worldwide through
various levels of engagement:

●  $250 provides a grassroots organization access to online tools and guidelines to counter hate
speech, disinformation, and violent digital content.
●  $1,000 sponsors a community leader to address the United Nations, sharing critical local
perspectives on countering terrorism on the biggest stages in world politics.
●  $2,500 funds training for a women’s network on strengthening resilience against terrorist
recruiting narratives.
●  $10,000 brings together municipal and community leaders to exchange ideas and programs
that successfully eradicate hate and the escalation of violence in their cities.
●  $20,000 supports a workshop to train prison and probation officers on how to adapt the way
they work with violent extremist offenders.
$40,000 funds a partnership between financial institutions, regulatory authorities, and
community groups to better address corruption, terrorism financing, and money laundering.