Todd Harland

Todd Harland is a Senior Fellow for the Global Center, working on the Global Center’s anti–money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) programming. His career spans across multiple areas, including AML/CFT compliance, capacity building and training, law enforcement, intelligence, counterterrorism, and foreign government assistance. A graduate of the Queensland Police Academy in Australia, he served with distinction for 15 years before fulfilling various counterterrorism roles with the Australian Government. Among them, he oversaw counterterrorism security networks for Australian airlines, airports, and seaports before moving to the Australian financial intelligence unit (AUSTRAC), where he managed organized crime intelligence operations across the country as Manager of the Tactical Analysis and Support Team. In addition to Australian-based compliance work, Todd has provided AML/CFT technical assistance and training throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern and Southern Africa for the past four years in his role as Chief Executive Officer of AML Solutions International.